Help your customers make the most out of their business

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Membership Benefits

Silvatree provides many benefits to businesses allowing them to save cash, gain extra business and be more profitable..

Discounts on Expenses

Using Silvatree your customers can make huge savings on their business expenses.

Credit Clearing Facility

Silvatree provides an additional credit clearing facility reducing the cost of funding working capital.

Realise Potential

Your clients will be able to stop discounting their own products and services and realise thier full value.

Improve Cashflow

With Silvatree your clients will improve their cashflow and increase their turnover and profits.

Why Choose Us?

We help people start, own, build, sustain and operate their own business to collaborate with other local businesses thus creating more harmony and contribution within their own communities.

Easy Payments

With our system you can make payments easily online, through the member's portal or through the mobile app.

Contactless Payment

Make payments by simply scanning in the seller's QR code using our mobile app on your phone.

Recurring Payments

Quickly and easily setup recurring payments to make regular payments to your suppliers or staff.

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Giving Back

We improve the efficiency of each member business by reciprocal trading in a shared “We-conomy”. Silvatree distributes value back into the communities via charities through the Silva Foundation to support those in need; redistribute wealth; provide free education and healthcare for those in need; encourage sustainability; protection of the local environment and support worthy projects.

Free Charity Accounts

We offer free accounts to charities so they can use Silva for their expenses and give more cash to their good causes.

Give Back

We donate 50% of all transaction fees back to the good causes important to our members.

Giving Back